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Quality news, wherever you want, whenever you want, appeared in 2009, with only one channel on Afterwards, the journalist editor-in-chief, Walcledson de Paula, having worked as a hired presenter for the TV Car Program, broadcast daily by TV Leste/RecordTV, between 2011 and 2012, he also decided to launch the platform on the social network At the end of 2013, in a partnership with a contract signed by TV Alterosa Leste and TV Alterosa, SBT affiliates, the journalist broadened his horizons and also created an account on

With the increase in social networks and a decrease in print media (newspapers and magazines), we also created the first version of our portal, where we would have all social networks, including

Our first portal, still without its own domain, was launched. Then, we acquired the domain Later, we launched

Now, we have been using a new domain for over a year:, but keeping the old website and domain in the air.

Over the 11 years, we have already covered several matters with exclusivity, such as the arrival of the mud from the Fundão Dam that exploded in Mariana-MG, when the tailings mud arrived at Vale do Aço, in Special, in the city of Ipatinga, when we reached over 1 million views on youtube.

We interviewed more than 40 famous artists, from the secular and gospel world, being that Gino & Geno 4 times, one of them in Ariquemes-RO, Di Paulo & Paulino, 3 times, besides Ana Paula Valadão, André Valadão, Gerson Rufino, Zeze di Camargo, Lucas Lucco, etc...

We also had great participation in the politics of Vale do Aço, showing the truth of the facts, of former mayors and former councilors, as well as the imprisonment of several politicians throughout Brazil, in particular, the imprisonment of several councilors between 2018 and 2019, in the city of Ipatinga-MG.

We went through several transformations, to be able to be even more connected with you!

To you entrepreneur, merchant, service provider, be a partner of and further strengthen our portal, and bring more customers to your business. Contact us via whatsapp (21) 96927-0607 or email and request one of our representatives.

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Boss Editor

Bruno Costa

(11) 3456-78900

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  • Walcledson de Paula, jornalista

Specialist Producer

Lucas Silveira

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Alice Mendes

(11) 3456-78900

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